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This tool allows you to create an animated GIF from various single images. If you'd like to create a GIF from a video, please use our according tool

Drag your files (e.g. pdf, doc, docx, xls, jpg, png, …) into this area or click to select one

GIF settings:

Add background

Preview of generated GIF:

Generating GIFs from single images is quiet easy with Of course, generating animates GIFs is free, without watermarks and without registration – without any hassle in your browser.

Create gif online from single images

To create an animated GIF-image out of single images (e.g. .jpg, .png, .jpeg and even other .gifs) please follow these simple steps:

  1. Upload all your files – the preview will show up
  2. When needed, you may change the order of the files.
  3. Choose the delay between the single images – you will see the changes in real time in your preview.
  4. Change the amount of repetitions (0 means and endless loop, whereas 1 will stop after one run, and so on)
  5. Click the button “Create GIF and download” to start the generation of the animated GIF

Hints for generating your animated gif:

  • Whenever possible, use images of the same size
  • Please note, that GIF containing many single images can get very large
  • There’s no maximum file limit. We’ve tested this up to 500 single images in one GIF – but keep in mind that this will take some time (up to five minutes) to generate the GIF for you. is a service for converting files online and free. Due to this, feel free to upload any image file-format you like. Besides .jpg, .png, .bmp we accept a huge amount of other files like .cr2, .raw, or even .psd.

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